[PLUG] Recommended wifi router for OpenWRT?

Mike Connors mconnors1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 17:56:09 PST 2010

m0gely wrote:
> Why can't it? You can put DD-WRT on them. There is a method to remove 
> VXWorks. The reasons not to get the non-L version is the limited memory 
> and the fact that the antennas are now non-removable.
> At this point however it's probably time to start looking at N capable 
> hardware.
Well, I guess "can't" in most cases is more about how much time, energy, 
effort, and skill you want to invest...

As for "N", call me old school, but ol' B continues to work just fine 
for my needs. But then again, I'm one of those guys that you had to pry 
the Motorola Star-tac out of my hands too... ;-)

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