[PLUG] Network issues

Mike Connors mconnors1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 17:36:16 PST 2010

drew wymore wrote:
> I think route -n is what I was thinking of. So disregard what I wrote.
> Ok .. so next thing I'm thinking of is that the PK5000 according to
> the docs I pulled up is 10/100BaseT and since you have a Gigabit NIC,
> I'm starting to lean towards a negotiation error of some sort or too
> many errored frames.
Auto-neg probs would certainly come more into play during bootup. If in fact 
the PK5000 supports only 10/100BaseT and your onboard NIC is 1000BaseT then I 
would definitely try disabling auto-neg and forcing speed/dup on your NIC.

Here's a good write-up on how to use ethtool to do it.


I wonder also if you can't replicate the problem by stopping and starting the 
networking daemon which is akin to rebooting as far as the NIC and tcp/ip stack is concerned?

/etc/init.d/network restart

Because if you can this would narrow the problem down to network connection 
initiation, which points to auto-neg probs...

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