[PLUG] Can't see second hard drive for Linux Mint install

m0gely m0gely at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 16:27:21 PST 2010

David Kaplan wrote:
> I've been trying to install Linux Mint 8 on a friends Dell Dimension 8400
> desktop. It has a 250gb hdd. as sata 0 and the new 320gb hdd is set at sata
> 1. The BIOS sees both hdds but the Mint installer only sees the first 250gb
> hdd. Someone told me to turn off the raid setting but there is not way to
> turn it off in the BIOS. The Mint Forum told me to run on the live CD:
> $ sudo apt-get remove dmraid
> sounded like a good idea, but after running it and logging back in to the
> live CD nothing happened. The installer will only see the first 250gb hdd.
> Any other ideas?
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Set the SATA mode to not be auto-RAID. It's just below the SATA/PATA 
port option in the BIOS.


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