[PLUG] Pine

Michael Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Tue Jan 26 20:50:43 PST 2010

On Mon, 2010-01-25 at 14:56 -0800, Joe Pruett wrote:
> the option you want to change is the rsh-open-timeout.  set it to 0 and it 
> should stop trying rsh.

Yes, that seems to fix the problem.  I also went ahead and set ssh
something to 0.  As far as the alpine suggestion, I am not using pine
for Internet email in this case where pine should be sufficient.  The
behavior of pine that you get warnings and errors if you aren't using
secure IMAP is odd.  Usually, the default of an email reader is to be
insecure.  Evolution for example doesn't give you errors if you set
up plain text IMAP.

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