[PLUG] Linux and Active Directory?

Michael Ewan mhewan1 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 29 07:54:28 PST 2010

Mike Connors wrote:
> I seem to see in many Linux Sys Admin job postings a requirement for AD 
> experience. Is this is a case where
> you have Linux/Unix servers but run MS Win on the desktop and the MS Win 
> clients don't play well w. OpenLDAP and/or NIS?
> Am I incorrect in my perception that AD has pretty much taken over Dir 
> Services except for shops that are all Solaris, Novell, or old-school 
> Unix purists who still use NIS?
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Pretty much.  A mixed OS shop, and there are very few that aren't 
anymore, the path of least resistance is a Windows server 
infrastructure.  With single sign on products, and the availability of 
linux authentication software such as Quest Authentication Services 
(used to be Vintela) that entirely replaces naming services on the Linux 
systems with AD hooks.
There are many business drivers for doing it that way, not that I'm 
advocating it, but it is just easier to manage for a business, and you 
will get all the users crying about having to remember too many 
passwords.  ;-)

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