[PLUG] Evince and Fonts

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Jun 1 09:24:57 PDT 2011

On Wed, 01 Jun 2011 08:43:36 -0700
Tim Wescott <tim at wescottdesign.com> dijo:

>I'm looking at a data sheet for a transistor with Evince, and it's 
>rendering Greek letters incorrectly.  Lower case mu is rendering as an 
>infinity symbol, and upper case omega as a vertical line.  Fortunately 
>there aren't any others in there to confuse me, at least at the moment.
>Presumably this is because the font used isn't stored in the pdf, and 
>whatever is default on Ubuntu 10.04 is different from whatever is 
>default on Windows.
>Has anyone else seen this effect?  Is there a way to fix or work
>around it?

Look at the properties of the file and check the font information. That
may tell you what font it is looking for. Then you can just install
that font, restart Evince, and it will probably work.

I use Evince on occasion, but Okular is far more fully featured.
Usually I use Adobe Reader. I also have the free versions of Foxit and
Cabaret for Linux, although they are usually the last ones that I try.
When one doesn't work or let me do what I want, I try the others. So
the first thing I would do with the data sheet is try opening it in the

This is also what I would do with your PDF that Scribus won't open. If
anything else will open it you can always save a copy and, if that
doesn't work, print to Postscript or PDF. If you print to Postscript you
can open the .ps file in Okular and then save as a PDF, although Scribus
will happily open a Postscript file, sometimes better than a PDF.

If none of that works, and the files are under 8 MB, send it to me and
I'll see what I can do with it. I can't receive attachments over 8 MB,
so if they are bigger you could post them on Dropbox or somewhere.

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