[PLUG] Evince and Fonts

Galen Seitz galens at seitzassoc.com
Wed Jun 1 09:32:01 PDT 2011

Tim Wescott wrote:
> I'm looking at a data sheet for a transistor with Evince, and it's 
> rendering Greek letters incorrectly.  Lower case mu is rendering as an 
> infinity symbol, and upper case omega as a vertical line.  Fortunately 
> there aren't any others in there to confuse me, at least at the moment.
> Presumably this is because the font used isn't stored in the pdf, and 
> whatever is default on Ubuntu 10.04 is different from whatever is 
> default on Windows.
> Has anyone else seen this effect?  Is there a way to fix or work around it?

I typically use xpdf to view datasheets.  I don't recall having any 
issues, or at least not recently.  Can you supply a link to the 
datasheet or the vendor and part number?

Galen Seitz
galens at seitzassoc.com

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