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Wed Jun 1 19:21:46 PDT 2011

                            MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                       The Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                 will meet
                         7 PM Thursday June 2, 2011
                         Portland State University
                                   in the
                              Fariborz Maseeh
             College of Engineering & Computer Science Building
                              Room FAB 86-01
                       (This is in the basement.)
          The building is on SW 4th across from SW College Street.
       See location H-10 on map at http://pdxLinux.org/campus_map.jpg


                      Introduction to OpenEMR
                           Tony McCormick
                        <tony at mi-squared.com>

    Introduction to OpenEMR, maybe the most downloaded open source
    Electronic Heath Records system in the world.   This presentation
    will discuss how one of the first web based, php projects became
    a government certified EHR.  We'll demo the system, talk about
    the good, bad and ugly of a 10 year old project with ~500,000
    lines of code and get feed back on ways to move forward with
    out breaking the existing use.  ie: upgrade paths and models, etc.



            7:00 - 7:30  Business
                 We will discuss the status of our ongoing projects
                 including PLUG's monthly Advanced Topics meetings,
                 PLUG's monthly hands on clinics, PLUG for Education,

            7:30 - 8:30  Presentation

                 See above

            9:00 - ...  Beer
                        The Lucky Lab Northwest Beerhall
                        1945 NW Quimby
                        Portland, Oregon

                                        David Mandel
                                        Chief Activist
                                        Portland Linux/Unix Group
                                        560 SE Alexander
                                        Corvallis, Oregon 97333
                                        (541) 730-5285 mobile
                                        dmandel at pdxLinux.org

        P.S.  The Mid Willamette Valley Linux Users Group meets
              every month.
              See http://www.lug.corvallis.or.us/ for details.

        P.S.  The Eugene Linux Users Group meets several times a month.
              See http://www.euglug.org for details.

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Portland Linux/Unix Group           http://pdxLinux.org
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