[PLUG] RedHat login - known valid password invalid

Michael R michael at jamhome.us
Thu Jun 2 11:48:10 PDT 2011

as root (having 'sudo
su')  reset the password for user example4plug
then as self `su -
example4plug1` and the system responds with "su: incorrect
having just created the password I know I have the
correct password.  
Repeat entire process this time cutting and pasting
password to prevent any fat fingering possibilities, same
[root at testserver home]# passwd -S example4plug
example4plug PS 2011-06-01 7 35 7 49 (Password set, MD5
indicates the account is not locked out. 
Suggestions for
how to restore access for this user?

Michael Rasmussen
 Be Appropriate
&& Follow Your Curiosity

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