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nathan w nathan at nathanewilliams.com
Fri Jun 3 17:03:00 PDT 2011

On 06/03/2011 04:44 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Jun 2011, Larry T wrote:
>> Logitech HD720P was a reasonable price, worked out of the box with Ubuntu
>> 10.04 With Skype video Conference we only had to find the correct sound
>> source.   I'm not a 'techie' at 64, but I do a fair amount with computers
>> and the sound thing was pretty easy and straight fwd to resolve.
> Larry,
>     I'm not looking for a Web camera that sits on the monitor, but a portable
> one I can use on project sites and other captures.
> Thanks,
> Rich
It seems like you have 2 questions here:

a) what linux software is good for accessing recorded video from the camera?
b) any recommended camera models for linux compatibility?

my thoughts on these 2 questions...

a) there's tons of good video-editing software, and tons of how-to 
articles for editing after you've copied the media to the pc.

as far as pulling the media from the camera, which seems closer to what 
you're asking, i suppose it depends on how you want to approach it and 
what the pc and the camera support. it would probably be done either as 
a file-copy through a storage format that both support (SD card, DVD, or 
internal HDD of camera that the linux pc mounts as external storage 
device) or through video-capture on playback such as you would for a DVR 
HTPC machine. i'd think the former would be easiest and most common.

as for software that would automatically prompt you to import the video 
when you plug in the camera, like fspot does for digital cameras, i've 
got no idea, and would personally consider this more of an annoyance 
than a benefit.

b) not sure if there's a comparable library for video-camera support, 
but when i'm looking for digital photo-cameras, i check the libgphoto 
compatibility list.

as mentioned above, i think you just want to look for a camera that 
saves the video on an internal HDD/FDD or an SD card that is 
transferable. Linux is pretty good in my experience about recognising 
storage devices connected through USB, even if it doesn't recognise the 
exact device type.

hope that helps somewhat.

nathan w

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