[PLUG] OO.o vs. LO

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at cyber-office.net
Tue Jun 7 15:09:28 PDT 2011

Rich Shepard wrote:
>    Has anyone here switched from OO.o to LibreOffice? Is there a downside to
> doing so?

I did about two months ago based on a recommendation of a friend from 
the user group in North Idaho.  He had switched when the first 
non-beta/non-RC version came out.  Late 2010.

>    From one comparison I read it appears the fork is based on personality
> difference, but I may well be mistaken in my impression. I know that Sun
> Office is a commercial product now owned by Oracle, but I thought that OO.o
> was still F/OSS.

I've noticed some performance increases.  The fork came about because 
(my take from the postings on the LO list) of SUN's then Oracle's 
reluctance to accept input from non-SUN/non-Oracle developers.

>    Since I'm having problems printing envelopes with OO.o-3.x I thought I'd
> give LO a try to see if it does better.

Don't know of any changes as regards to envelope printing.  I've never 
had much luck even with Asterisk (not the PBX software) or OOo. But the 
up side was it was a fairly pain less upgrade.  I run CentOS and ran 
into two issues.  I had to uninstall OOo and several of the Gnome file 
associations required resetting.

> Rich
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