[PLUG] OO.o vs. LO

Joe Shisei Niski joeniski at easystreet.net
Tue Jun 7 16:21:01 PDT 2011

On 06/07/2011 02:27 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
>     Has anyone here switched from OO.o to LibreOffice? Is there a downside to
> doing so?
>     From one comparison I read it appears the fork is based on personality
> difference, but I may well be mistaken in my impression. I know that Sun
> Office is a commercial product now owned by Oracle, but I thought that OO.o
> was still F/OSS.
>     Since I'm having problems printing envelopes with OO.o-3.x I thought I'd
> give LO a try to see if it does better.
> Rich
i've been using LibreOffice since a Debian/Ubuntu repository was 
available for it. It's faster and no more buggy than OO.o, also the 
ui/icons are spiffed up a little bit. It's still a dog, imho, but is 
good enough, enough of the time, to give it the disk space. The 
compatibility with MS Office 2007 .docx and .xlsx files is all but 
nonexistent, and the presentation program still chokes on the simplest 
PowerPoint files. It's not business-class interoperable with MS Office.

Harumph :-)

Joe Shisei Niski
Portland, Oregon, USA

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