[PLUG] Google searches redirecting

Daniel Herrington dherrington at robertmarktech.com
Sun Jun 12 20:03:43 PDT 2011


Don't know how this happened, but recently when searching on google I 
would put in a word (after an initial search query and a returned 
listing), say foo, and then hold the right shift key to start a double 
quote, and google would flash something under the search box and then 
redirect to the default google search page.

It drove me absolutely insane because the message flashed too quickly to 
read and then the redirect would occur. I'd be in the middle of typing 
in my query and, BAM! back to the search page.

I googled for the problem and nothing came up. I'm running Chrome 
11.0.696.71, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Anyone else seen this behavior. You 
simply need to search for something like foo on the default search page, 
then when the query returns, select in the search field and hit the 
space bar. Then hit the right shift key and hold for a second or two, 
then the redirect occurred.

I finally was fast enough to do a screen capture and read the message 
"Google instant is unavailable. Press enter to search. Learn more". I 
disabled google instant search and the problem went away.

Has anyone else seen or can replicate this behavior, or did a fubar 
something on my machine.


Daniel Herrington
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Robert Mark Technologies
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