[PLUG] Google searches redirecting

Bruce Kilpatrick kd7vvk at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 20:11:44 PDT 2011

On 06/12/2011 08:03 PM, Daniel Herrington wrote:
> All,
> Don't know how this happened, but recently when searching on google I
> would put in a word (after an initial search query and a returned
> listing), say foo, and then hold the right shift key to start a double
> quote, and google would flash something under the search box and then
> redirect to the default google search page.
> It drove me absolutely insane because the message flashed too quickly to
> read and then the redirect would occur. I'd be in the middle of typing
> in my query and, BAM! back to the search page.
> I googled for the problem and nothing came up. I'm running Chrome
> 11.0.696.71, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Anyone else seen this behavior. You
> simply need to search for something like foo on the default search page,
> then when the query returns, select in the search field and hit the
> space bar. Then hit the right shift key and hold for a second or two,
> then the redirect occurred.
> I finally was fast enough to do a screen capture and read the message
> "Google instant is unavailable. Press enter to search. Learn more". I
> disabled google instant search and the problem went away.
> Has anyone else seen or can replicate this behavior, or did a fubar
> something on my machine.
> thanks,
Nothing happened here using Ubuntu Natty and Firefox 4.01


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