[PLUG] DVD based web site

frankhunt fh-linux at frankhunt.com
Mon Jun 13 16:23:37 PDT 2011

I know this is a Linux group but I also know that there is a bunch of 
smart, experienced people out there so . . .

Made a small web site that is not on my server - just a bunch of html 
files and links.
Simple enough - point the file manager (on Linux and on XP) at the 
index.html file, tell it to open and it works just fine - all the 
browsers worked fine, navigate around just fine.  That is until I try it 
with Internet Exploder 8 on XP.  IE will not follow SOME of the links 
but will follow others.  In the document, the links look like 
../../index.html  when I hover the mouse over the link, it looks like: 
file:///D:/STAGES/DVD/index.html  IE cannot figure that out (however 
Firefox  can so I know the code is good).  My guess is that there is a 
setting somewhere in IE that is "protecting me from internet evil" - and 
also protecting me from doing what I want to do.  I know this is 
possible because I have seen web sites that run stand-alone from DVDs 
(which is what I ultimately want to do).

Anybody got any help here?

I've been fighting this all day and it is driving me straight to the 
liquor cabinet . . .

frank hunt
(L0F) R0B-ZAR1
befuddled linux admin
erstwhile photographer
hillsboro oregon

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