[PLUG] OSCON 20% discount

plugng3 at martinconsulting.com plugng3 at martinconsulting.com
Mon Jun 13 21:43:11 PDT 2011

I just searched the main mailing list, and I didn't find anything about an
OSCON discount this year.  Not to worry, though.  At my request OSCON gave
me my very own discount code to share with my several hundred closest
friends.  They tell me that the discount code of "Martin"  (no really --
they said it was simpler just to use my name) will get you 20% off any of
the packages.  Registration at:

Have fun.  Hope to see you there.

Brian P. Martin
Martin Consulting Services, Inc.
UNIX & Linux System Administration, Training, and Programming
Web-site:   www.martinconsulting.com

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