[PLUG] What opens an .xml file?

Fred James fredjame at fredjame.cnc.net
Thu Jun 30 16:35:43 PDT 2011

Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Jun 2011, John Jason Jordan wrote:
>> Google informs me that xml is Microsoft's new open document format.
>    XML is an open standard; M$ probably has its own proprietary version of
> this standard, just as they have their own, proprietary "open" document
> format.
>    XML has tags for each section and needs a stylesheet to reformat into
> untagged text.
> Rich
Somewhere in the base (root) directory of the CD filesystem, there 
should be an index.* (where * could be html, xml, or some variant 
thereof), and you should be able to open the index.* with a browser and 
go from there (i.e., open other "chapters" via links, similar to 
standard html documents).
If it isn't named index.*, it may be named something that indicates it 
is the first or primary document.
Does that work?

The rules of xml are such that the files/documents are often used to 
contain data in an specified manor ... the manor being specified by the 
program/application/document that is intended to use that data ... in 
other words, any one xml file may well not be complete without the 
program/application/document that is intended to access it.
Fred James

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