[PLUG] What opens an .xml file?

Fred James fredjame at fredjame.cnc.net
Thu Jun 30 18:57:58 PDT 2011

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> (omissions for brevity)
> Your suggestion had me very excited. There are, indeed, several suspect
> files in the root of the CD such as you mentioned:
> 	Chapter - Index.xml
> 	Chapter - Reference.xml
> 	Contents.htm
> 	prelims.xml
> Of the above list, Firefox will only open Contents.htm. And it shows
> each of the chapters as a link. I thought I was home free. But opening
> the link resulted in the following error message:
> XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
> Location:
> file:///media/Mar%2031%202006/BW_syncon/chapter%2076%20-%20Verb%20Particle%20Constructions.xml
> Line Number 15, Column 12:<copyright>&copy; 2006 by Blackwell
> Publishing Ltd</copyright> -----------^
> I also tried Opera. Opera opens Contents.htm the same as Firefox, but
> clicking on the link for the chapter I need gave me the same garbled
> code interspersed with the text, with this at the top of the page:
> This document had an invalid XSLT stylesheet. Error message from the
> XSLT engine: Error: XPath expression compilation failed:
> $t/*[name()=$FullContentCode][last()] Details: compilation error
> (characters 1-2, "$t"): reference to undefined variable: 't'
> (omissions for brevity)
It is possible that the file(s)/CD is/are corrupt (is it a copy or the 
original disc?).
It is possible that some file(s) is/are missing
It is possible that some application is missing
Are any of the files *.exe?
Since you are going to take it in and see if they can open it ... I 
should be interested in the results, if you are inclined to share them
Fred James

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