[PLUG] What opens an .xml file?

Jason Barnett jason.barnett71 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 22:54:15 PDT 2011

I think Tim had it right.  Assuming you did a cut & paste of the file names
and error messages, they would indicate a problem due to case sensitivity.
Note the upper case characters in the error message verses the upper and
lower case version of the file names you listed.

"*C*hapter 75 - *V*erb *p*article *c*onstructions.xml."

You might be able to fix this by copying the contents of the CD to your hard
drive and renaming the offending file, to match what the application is

- Jason

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 9:35 PM, John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net>wrote:

> On Thu, 30 Jun 2011 20:50:02 -0700

> Tim <tim-pdxlug at sentinelchicken.org> dijo:
> >It is possible that the index XML file is trying to pull in other
> >files on the CD by name and is breaking because of a case-difference.
> >In Windows, of course, files can be accessed case-insensitively, but
> >Linux doesn't work that way, so if a file is referenced with an
> >inconsistent case, it won't find it.  The work-around there would be
> >copying the directory tree out and fixing the broken references, which
> >is a pain of course.  If you look in firefox at the error console, it
> >might tell you what files it wants that aren't found.
> >
> >Just a hypothesis...
> Well, I have a partial solution, although it leaves questions
> unanswered.
> I have Windows 2000 installed in Virtualbox on my Fedora 14 x86_64
> computer. So I fired it up and opened the Contents.htm file by just
> double clicking on the file. This opened it in Internet Explorer. I
> navigated to the Chapter 76 ... .xml file link and clicked on it. This
> opened the link in a new IE window, and it appeared readable and
> without code junk.
> I made a printout of it, so now I have a legible hard copy. The only
> problem is that the chapter in the paper version of the book is 22
> pages and the file I made a printout of is 55 pages. So if I ever want
> to quote the work I am in trouble with page numbers. But at least now I
> can read it.
> The unanswered question is why Firefox, Opera and Konqueror would
> display the contents by clicking on Contents.htm (the same as IE in
> Win2000), but would not correctly open the resulting link to Chapter
> 76. Your hypothesis that Contents.xml is trying to pull in other files
> on the CD and failing is certainly plausible. And the case sensitivity
> is a good theory as well, since it happens equally with three different
> browsers on Fedora. But I wonder if MacOS is also case sensitive. If
> so, that throws out the case sensitivity theory, since (presumably) it
> works on a Mac.
> The error could also be javascript. The link in Contents.htm is:
> javascript:makewindow('Chapter 75 - Verb Particle Constructions.xml')
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