[PLUG] Recommended Disk Test

John Meissen john at meissen.org
Tue Jan 13 12:34:45 PST 2015

dick at dicksteffens.com said:
> My MythTV box is scheduled to go into the shop on Monday because of an
> intermittent freeze. 


> Before I take it in to the hardware gurus I want to be sure I've run
> appropriate tests. I ran memtest with no errors. What disk test should I  run
> that will be a non-destructive test? And, when I run it, do I need  to have
> the backend and MySQL shut down? 

What version are you running? You're not using that animated holiday theme are 
you? (That may have been unique to MythBuntu). When I tried it my frontend grew
to nearly 3GB before I caught it. If I hadn't I would have eventually run out
of memory and swap space.

Have you looked in the log files for anything interesting?

Is this a traditional system with cpu and case fans? I assume you've looked 
inside and would notice, but I've had systems suffer from random lockups due to 
heat because the heatsinks were completely blocked with dust buildup.


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