[PLUG] Membership tracking software?

Nat Taylor bioborg at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 09:10:12 PST 2015

I've used Civicrm it's robust and needs hosting.  I found this online never
used but seems like what u want?  If not try CRM in your searches, or I
used linux donation tracking to find this:

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, Roderick Anderson <raanders42 at gmail.com>

> Recommendations?
> I just took on the Treasurer position for a local non-profit which
> includes tracking membership and dues.
> Currently the club (Kootenai Amateur Radio Society) is using Quick Books
> for accounting and Excel spreadsheets for membership rosters.  So here I
> am trying to get a Windows system up for QB and using a spreadsheet for
> something better done with a data base.
> Did some research (Google searches) but probably picked poor search
> terms.  Didn't get good results.
>     I seem to remember some mention on the list of others working with
> membership handling.  Therefore the request for recommendations.
> Dream solution:
>     First: it is FOSS.
>     Second: runs on Linux or Windows.
>     Third: not web based right now as I don't know the full story on the
> clubs hosting situation but could put up my own server if that is the
> better solution.
>     Forth: If it is OSS, coded in Perl or ... PHP so I can feel fairly
> comfortable if hacking is needed.  C, Fortran, Basic and Python can be
> dealt with.
> As usual all thoughts, ideas, or clue-sticks are appreciated.
> \\||/
> Rod
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