[PLUG] Membership tracking software?

Larry Brigman larry.brigman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 09:28:34 PST 2015

I know you want to move stuff to FOSS but here is some info to help
convince others.

Be aware that QB can become ransomware.  A friend that does Taxes and
bookkeeping ran into this.  Something about 15K limit on one records like
invoices.  Once you hit the limit you cannot get into the data without
upgrading to QB pro.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 8:40 AM, Roderick Anderson <raanders42 at gmail.com>

> Recommendations?
> I just took on the Treasurer position for a local non-profit which
> includes tracking membership and dues.
> Currently the club (Kootenai Amateur Radio Society) is using Quick Books
> for accounting and Excel spreadsheets for membership rosters.  So here I
> am trying to get a Windows system up for QB and using a spreadsheet for
> something better done with a data base.
> Did some research (Google searches) but probably picked poor search
> terms.  Didn't get good results.
>     I seem to remember some mention on the list of others working with
> membership handling.  Therefore the request for recommendations.
> Dream solution:
>     First: it is FOSS.
>     Second: runs on Linux or Windows.
>     Third: not web based right now as I don't know the full story on the
> clubs hosting situation but could put up my own server if that is the
> better solution.
>     Forth: If it is OSS, coded in Perl or ... PHP so I can feel fairly
> comfortable if hacking is needed.  C, Fortran, Basic and Python can be
> dealt with.
> As usual all thoughts, ideas, or clue-sticks are appreciated.
> \\||/
> Rod
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