[PLUG] GIMP alternatives (grump)

jgw at sdf.org jgw at sdf.org
Fri Jan 23 10:48:25 PST 2015

There is the old XV program.  Its license isn't GPLish - it's basically
shareware, free for personal use - but it's lightweight and runs on lots
of systems.  I *think* there's way of installing it via a package manager
referencing "restricted" sources, but it may be easier to download the
source or binaries from the developer's site at http://www.trilon.com/xv/.
I remember using it a bit on an old SparcStation 5; worked okay.

Personally I find Imagemagick's GUI okay for simple image manipulations;
you bring it up by issuing the 'display' command, with or without a file


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