[PLUG] cloning old drive

Denis Heidtmann denis.heidtmann at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 21:31:26 PST 2016

I have asked at Free Geek some weeks ago--they just snickered.  They do not
keep anything that old.

I have just received a bunch of old drives between 2 and 4 G.  If they do
not work, I will take you up on your offer to search your bone pile.  That
comment about Compaq does not sound good--if true it could really stand in
the way of our efforts.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 7:48 PM, Neal <nsedell at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't know if it handles win3.x or not but Macrium Reflect has never let
> me down. There's a free version for home use available online, or at least
> there was when I cloned the HD on my laptop to an SSD a month ago.
> I was going to use CloneZilla but it was way too, uh, flexible for my
> attention span that day.
> You will no doubt have to play around with the CHT parameters to get a
> drive different from the original 1GB to boot. Seems I recall some Compaqs
> requiring a system utilities floppy to modify some/most/all BIOS settings.
> I might have an old 1GB drive hiding somewhere in the deep recesses of the
> computer dung^H^H^H^Hroom if you can't get there with a bigger drvie.
> Alternately and probably quicker, does FreeGeek keep anything that small
> around, or send them right to the shredder?
> Regards,
> NealS
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