[PLUG] : Re: Configuring Ubuntu Desktop for public users?

Mike C. mconnors1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 13:22:02 PDT 2018

"If the linuxK-12 project is still alive it would be a good resource for
you. At the Riverdale HS the network used diskless workstation clients and a
central server. How that was configured could be a guide for you."

I'm familiar with Linux Terminal Server Project. About 10 years ago I setup
a computer lab for small technical college in Santa Clara with DebianEdu /

After I set it up, I turned it over to someone who was able to administer
it. There's no one currently here to administer such a configuration and
there's only 2 desktops that will mostly be used for email and some web
browsing. Fairly light usage as most people have smart phones and just use
that with the wireless network.

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