[PLUG] Quick question on linux man page coverage

logical american website.reader3 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 15:50:32 PDT 2018

A brief question on sparse linux documentation for executable programs

I did a survey of the 15,000+ executables on my openSuse Leap v42.3 OS 
which has about 8869 software packages loaded according to zypper, but 
76% of them have no man page at all. I did find dozens of programs 
running, such as gvfs, which are intrinsic to the OS and some apparently 
embedded in the kernal, most running under systemctl control, but with 
no documentation.

For openSuse Leap v42.3, it appears that the linux developers just want 
the product out the door and have not documented the /etc folder very well.

Should we be concerned that 3/4 of the programs running on a linux OS do 
not have a man page?

I was a bit surprised to find this rather high ratio. Is it surprising?


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