[PLUG] [OT ? ?? ???] Linux and computer literacy

Richard Owlett rowlett at cloud85.net
Sun Jun 17 18:29:07 PDT 2018


Can you give me links?
I intend to fight with a bureaucracy. Need ammo ;/

On 06/17/2018 05:41 PM, Tyrell Jentink wrote:
> I don't consider this to be off topic...
> But aren't you the one that lives (Several states) east of Estacada? How is
> any advice I'm about to give going to help anyone? In light of that...
> The county libraries in Reno, NV offer classes in open source software.
> Last I looked (Erm... Several years ago), it was "Mostly" OpenOffice.org
> and Firefox literacy, but they promised to teach them on Linux machines...
> So maybe it matured well.
> The county libraries in Kalispell, MT don't even HAVE windows computers
> (Or, they didn't when I was last there, again, several years ago);
> Everything was based on multiple terminal nodes plugged into central
> servers running Linux (As early as 2006, no less!), And they also offered
> classes...
> So... I guess if "libraries that know Microsoft has competition" are what
> your after... Yes, they exist.
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2018, 15:29 Richard Owlett <rowlett at cloud85.net> wrote:
>> I have two questions I wish to discuss.
>> Both likely push the limits of being "On Topic".
>> Is there a forum on which either (preferably *BOTH*) would be "On Topic"?
>> The more general question
>> On my last visit to our local public library I picked up a glossy 16
>> page four color brochure titled _Free Computer Training and Professional
>> Development Resources_ .
>> In that brochure the word "Mac" occurs twice. "Linux" *NEVER* occurs.
>> Keyboarding skills are mentioned. They also ask the question "Does
>> grammar matter?"
>> Can anyone point me to a "library like" resource  recognizing that
>> Micro$oft has competition?
>> There has to be somebody with more "academic integrity".
>> My second question has only a temporal relationship to above.
>> For IDIOSYNCRATIC and weird local constraints I am working on networking
>> *TWO* computers via a "USB MASTER-USB MASTER" cable. There are
>> "cookbook"{sic/sick}" for "normal"(sic) users with ethernet.
>> I've been asking questions on a distro specific list.
>> The predominant response is *DON'T*
>> Ignoring the *TRIVIAL* aspects of technical(sick) aspects
>> I wish to do XYZ, That the rest of world does pqrz is *IRRELEVANT*
>> I have already found *EDUCATIONAL* value in chosen path.
>> Where may I ask *MY* questions without being told to "get lost"?
>> TIA

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