[PLUG] Terminal shortcuts

John Jason Jordan johnxj at gmx.com
Tue Jun 19 22:09:10 PDT 2018

I prefer Gnome terminal because it is more visually configurable than
others that I have tried.

Often I need to repeat a command with a different object, so the up
arrow doesn't save typing. For example:

	mkvmerge -i <moviename> (and repeat with a different movie)

It annoys me that I keep having to re-type 'mkvmerge -i' over and over
again. I could copy it to the clipboard and paste it in, except that I
use the clipboard to get <moviename>, which overwrites the clipboard.
And besides, 'mkvmerge -i' is only one of several such commands that I
have to keep re-typing.

What would be really cool would be an 'auto-text' feature as in a word
processor, where you can create a series of letters (any length) and
assign it a short sequence of letters that you can type to invoke the
entire series of letters.

Web searching found me Ctrl-r, but if I type mkv- it pops up the entire
preceding command, including <moviename>.

OK, this is Linux, where someone a long time ago decided to name a root
folder /usr to save typing just one tiny letter. I mean, seriously.
There has to be a way to save constantly re-typing at the command line.
Any suggestions?

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