[PLUG] looking for secure space for a mail server

King Beowulf kingbeowulf at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 00:36:53 PDT 2018

On 06/15/2018 04:32 PM, logical american wrote:
> Hi all:
> I've been quoted $263/month for a small locked cabinet (15U) space with
> 1 power plug 110v AC and a business class internet connection.
> Is this price typical?
> I am looking for Vancouver WA first, then Portland OR second. This is my
> very first time in trying to locate space for a small server.
> Randall

Sorry for the response delay. I unplugged via camping a few days. Thanks
to M. Barnes for dragging everyone back on topic.

How much the coo will cost depends on
(1) Rack space or cabinet size; 15U is about 1/3 cabinet IIRC.
(2) Power used
(3) data transfer and bandwidth.
(4) physical security
(5) 24/7 access
and a few others I might be forgetting.

15U is a fairly big space.  Don't pay for empty space.  Do you need your
own locked cabinet (for a rack mount sever) or is a private locked  cage
OK for a full tower-style server?

"1 power plug 110v AC" means next to nothing. What is the Wattage your
server is expected to pull running at full tilt? If that is a 10KW
cabinet do you need that much?

"business class internet" is a bit vague. How fast and how much access
to you need? 100Mbps? 1Gbps? 1TB or 100+TB data/month? Look for "carrier
neutral" facilities.  Of course, high connection redundancy comes at a
price...as does speed and data.

Building access 8am-5pm escorted will be cheaper than 24/7 unsupervised.

Do you need the facility to be complaint with any Federal regulations?

All that said, the PDX going base rate for 14U/15U seems to be $249-$325
plus any additional services, as far as I can gather (not everyone
publishes open price lists).  I'm toying with moving my hobby domains
and servers to either a 1U/2U rack (~$75-99/month) or mini tower cage
(~$99/month) so I can avoid fiddling with dynamic DNS on my residential
comcast connection.  Economy colo is also a bit cheaper since I don't
need any extra security.  I haven't figured out how to monetize said
hobby, so still just looking at this point.  The 2 places I've
considered so far are Portland Colo (Spiretech) and DirectSpace Networks.

Have Fun!

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