[PLUG] procmail default action changed

Paul Heinlein heinlein at madboa.com
Sat Jun 23 07:35:15 PDT 2018

On Sat, 23 Jun 2018, Rich Shepard wrote:

>  A few weeks ago procmail changed how it distributes _some_ (not all)
> incoming mail. Specifically, messages not found in ~/procmail/recipes.rc
> that used to be placed in my alpine INBOX as specifed in ~/.procmailrc:
> DEFAULT=/var/spool/mail/rshepard
> ORGMAIL=/var/spool/mail/rshepard
> now are placed in ~/mail/office. I cannot figure out why.
>  Also some messages from grass-user at lists.osgeo.org when I'm cc'd end up in
> my INBOX rather than being duplicated in ~/mail/spatia-analyses as specified
> by these recipes:
> * ^TO_.*@lists.osgeo.org
> spatial-analyses
> * ^CC_.*@lists.osgeo.org
> spatial-analyses
>  These recipes, and the default, worked flawlessly since the 1990s and I've
> no idea 1) why they changed and 2) what to do to fix the issues.
>  If there's a more appropriate mail list for this thread please point me to
> it.

My first thought is that permissions on your .procmailrc file got 
tweaked and are now too loose. I suggest running "chmod 0600" against 
it if that's the case.

You can also try setting LOGFILE and VERBOSE (see the procmailrc man 
page for details) to get procmail's view of its operations.

Paul Heinlein
heinlein at madboa.com
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