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> On Sat, 30 Mar 2002, Craighead, Scot D wrote:
> > >The point is that a market without scarcity ceases to be a market.
> >
> > I disagree.  No matter how abundant food becomes there will be a
> > market for it.  Anyting that is needed, no matter how insignificant,
> > has a market.
> You completely misunderstood my sentence.
> Without scarcity, a market ceases to be a market.  If food were not
> scarce, there would be no market.  Food, being a material good, is going
> to be scarce until we have Star Trek-like replicators and generators.
> Oxygen is needed, but has no market (yet) because it is abundant (for
> now).
> > >Clinton was quite probably the worst President the U.S. had ever had
> > >with regard to human rights both foreign and domestic.  Likely Bush'll
> > >him, though.
> >
> > At least we can agree on something.  I think Clinton was the worst
> > president I have ever seen.  He gave China most favored nation status
> > after the murders in Tienamen square.  Strong message there.  What a
> > scumbag
> To the perceived "two sides" of the American political coin, the
> Republicans and Democrats are alternating a kind of "good cop, bad cop".
> The truly sick part is that it's just so much spin on a common agenda.
> But at least he was elected in the usually corrupt way, rather than the
> way the Bush family had to rewrite the law to make way for their boy.
> Personally, I think it's time to write a new Constitution (borrowing
> heavily from the old one, with some of the standing modifications and a
> few of our own), send "King George II" a copy of Jefferson's Declaration
> and get started on a society that isn't full of shit.
> J.
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Well I am ready for that.  It's full of shit and it's all a lie;
corporations all of it,  at every level of govt munincipality.

It's why they prosecute you under the assumption you are a "legal
personality" as you birth certificate indicates. A fiction can only have a
claim against a fiction,  not against flesh.
So if you want to get rid of the Big Lie,  claim your rights.
Educate yourself and claim your rights, and you will be taking action
instead of wrting empty words that will do nothing.
I try to educate people;  I posted yesterday some stuff about right to
travel- and no one pays any mind to it I guess,  no comments recorded so
far, except Russell watches TV a lot.

The Constitution does not need any changes,  it only needs to be applied.

But I'm curious what you would change... let's hear it so I can show you why
you're wrong.


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