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> Jobs are just the exploitation of labor for the benefit of the few.  If
> the trade between laborer and business-owner were equitable, there would
> be no room for profits.

So you do understand the concept of an equitable trade.
Why never any comments about the statements I've made about banks taking
real property from people who loaned them:
A. Your own credit. ( Your signing of a mortgage is considered a black entry
on their books, they call it an asset because you have a good credit
B. Backed by your debts.  ( The depositor's money is not the banks, but they
get to pretend it is )

SO banks risk less than nothing and then foreclose,  and you find it
perfectly all right.
Perfectly equitable.

>A business REQUIRES profits and, therefore,
> requires exploitation.

They require profit because we have a usury based economy.
This is not the Constitutional method of govt.
Remove the usury and you remove the profit based cancer-
and the politics of envy along with it.
So do not participate in borrowing and credit and you will do a helluva lot
more good than writing on the wall in a mail list with ten readers.


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