[PLUG-TALK] Java Memory management

Mike Witt mike at computer-arts.net
Sun Jul 7 12:25:09 PDT 2002

Is anyone interested in Java memory management issues on Linux?
I'm a novice on this subject myself, and frankly I don't yet know
enough about the Java memory management implementation to know if
there is anything specific to Linux, or if it's all just part
of the Java virtual machine.

I am (I think :-) seeing some pretty significant issues, like
having to call the garbage collector explicitly EVERY FEW SECONDS
in order to keep memory under control in a very "busy" application.

Anyone else encounter anything like this?  Anybody knowledgable
about the garbage collector implementation?  (Or even have a
pointer to any good documentation?)


Mike Witt 
Computer Arts, West Linn Oregon, USA

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