[PLUG-TALK] Updating multiple domains in a single transation

Mike Witt mike at computer-arts.net
Sat Jul 13 10:43:15 PDT 2002

Does anyone in the group have actual experience with a domain
registrar, doing multiple domain updates in a single transaction?

I've gotten all kinds of "opinions" from people about this, but
I'm looking to talk to somebody who is actually *doing* it :-)

I'm talking about small numbers of domains (around 30) so I can't
use NetSol's "global" update, since you have to have > 50 domains
to "qualify" for that.

I used to do it via email with Netsol, but they are effectively
removing the ability to do that as they phase you email processing
of domain modifications. (BTW, if there's a registrar that
still does email updates, then that provides a solution, since you
can write a program to do all the email updates any way you want :-)

As an alternative, does anybody know a way to program interactions
with an SSL web site?


Mike Witt 
Computer Arts, West Linn Oregon, USA

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