[PLUG-TALK] Need Volunteers to Help with Summer Camp

Alan Kwok alan.kwok at esd112.org
Sun Jul 14 17:11:49 PDT 2002

Hello Everyone on this listserv!

I need volunteers to help with my computer day camp in Vancouver, WA late July and early August.

I work for the Youth Volunteer Corps (a non-profit youth organization) and this summer, I will be coordinating a computer day camp for youth 11-18, where they will refurbish donated (PC) computers and then distribute them to other non-profit agencies and people in need (ie. people with disability).

One huge component of the project involves youth disassembling computer parts, identifying them, and reassebling them to usable computers.  I need volunteers to help my partner-in-crime Randy,  a computer technician, to tutor the youth in learning the computer hardware components.  Also, because Randy works full-time (and I know nothing about hardware), I need volunteers to fill in any gaps that may occur.  

If you have any time you can spare, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  

I need volunteers for the following days and times (if you can volunteer a day or two, that will be great!  If you can spare half an hour or an hour, that would be fantastic, too!)

Tuesday        7/30    9:00-12:30
Wednesday   7/13    9:00-12:30
Friday            8/2      9:00-12:30

Tuesday        8/6      9:00-12:00
Wednesday   8/7      9:00-12:00

if you can help, please let me know.  I can be reached at alan.kwok at esd112.org or at 360-750-7500 ext 378.  You can also reach me at home at 503-957-2444

Thanks so much!!!


Alan H. Kwok
Service-Learning Specialist/Project Leader
Youth Volunteer Corps 
Educational Service District 112
360-750-7500 ext. 378

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