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Richard Langis Jr. richard.langis at sun.com
Tue Jul 16 13:57:46 PDT 2002

I'm going to hazard a guess and say that the whole 'Texas' thing is 
because - if it's big, a Texan made it.  Or something along those lines. 
  IE  Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, Texan.



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 > ~It's a Traeger (hand-built in Mt. Angel) wood-pellet grill.  (Texas
 > ~version.)  I'd be more than happy to haul it someplace for an event
 > ~like that.
 > HuH?  what is a "wood-pellet"

It's a pellet.  Made of wood. :P

Get some mesquite, hickory, oak, cherry, or whatever (probably from Texas :)
and grind it down.  Then smash it into pellet shapes and put it in a bag.  A
little different, but a little more convenient.

 >  and Why is "Texas" associated with it.

Simply a model number, nothing more.  Actually sortof designed like the old
barrel-style texas wood cookers.  But with auger-fed pellets instead.
That's all.

Look here if you really want to know.  They have some goofy looking ones,
and big commercial rigs.  But I like mine.

Not a full blown pit or wood cooker, but much better tasting than any
propane or charcoal rig.

 > We smoke with real wood down here in Texas.

Real wood, huh?  :)  Well, the real wood around here tends to be a few
hundred feet tall and six feet thick.  Just a little cumbersome.

 >  And only
 > forigners "grill"

Dude, this is PLUG.  Portland Oregon.  Just who is foreign here?  :)  Of
course you're welcome, but it's kind of weird calling the Oregonians

Grill = fast cook
BBQ = slow cook
Smoke = really slow cook

But it sounds like you know that already. :)

 > We real Texans "Smoke Some Meat."  I will be taking some of my smoked
 > meats to Linuxworld next month if anyone wants to try some.
 > My 12 hour
 > briskit will melt in your mouth.

Dang it, now I've gotta clean my keyboard.  And go to lunch.

I don't doubt it.  You guys do it right.  But have you tried it with salmon?

 > Have fun.



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