[PLUG-TALK] Renting silent movies

David Pool pooldavid at msn.com
Tue Sep 17 07:42:08 PDT 2002

If you're dead set on paying money for them I can't help you out, but if
you're willing to check them out for free - you should look into the public
library system. By my count they've got 115 silent movies (some on DVD). You
can place them on hold over the web and have them delivered to your nearest
branch. Then you have them for 3 weeks. It's a sweet deal.

You can search for "Silent Movies" at the library catalog link here:
In the detail to a matching video there should be a hyperlink to the
category of silent movies.


David Pool

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> Does anybody know of a video-rental place in town that stocks silent
> movies? I'd prefer DVD, but I'll take VHS if that's all I can get.
> --Paul Heinlein <heinlein at attbi.com>
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