[PLUG-TALK] Is there really anything wrong with the headers on this message...

Darkhorse plug_0 at robinson-west.com
Wed Dec 8 00:35:37 PST 2004

I tried to send a detailed what's wrong with my headers message to plug,
but it got rejected.  The moderator is overzealous.  I got an error back
that said I quote, "suspicious headers, the message appears to have come
from you."

I don't know what, if anything, is wrong with the headers of this email.
I'd sure like to know.  At this point, I wonder if all of my messages to
plug will get blocked?

I have a postfix server on a private network that is masqueraded onto
the Internet.  How do I set this up properly?  Do I have to have a
relay on my global subnet?  I know this is a plug question, but
attempting to include my main.cf and a reasonable amount of explanation
there my message got blocked.  I  hope that persistently asking
what is wrong with my headers can get an answer from the moderator
of plug or someone else who is knowledgable.

I thought discrimantion based on: religion, politics, and race was 
largely defined as illegal in the civil rights movement of the 
60's.  What is plug if it has given discrimation new life?  I
guess being a place for discrimination isn't one of the plusses
of email lists like plug.  Asking why my headers are strange is
totally on topic, but I can't get that question onto plug because
the moderator won't allow it giving me the reason, "it appears to
be from you."

Is there a friendlier linux help list in Portland? 
Maybe I'm better off with Microsoft.  Discriminating against
people like me doesn't increase Linux adoption.   The more 
Linux gets adopted, the better it is likely to be for 
practical applications.

I am tired of plug's closed minded moderator.

     --  Michael C. Robinson

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