[PLUG-TALK] Is there really anything wrong with the headers on this message...

Darkhorse plug_0 at robinson-west.com
Thu Dec 9 18:21:12 PST 2004

> Somebody constantly posting off-topic and inflammatory rants to the PLUG
> list under the guise of technical discussion... 

I don't post OT all of the time.

somebody constantly
> disrupting the list... was blocked from using the list at all to keep
> the signal-to-noise ratio palatable for most of the list participants.
> That is, of course, assuming you were actually blocked and didn't just
> mess up your mail server somehow.

I asked the administrator why he thinks there's something wrong with
my headers.  I didn't get any answer.  I tried to post my configuration
information to get help with solving the problem, the message got
blocked.  If you want to consider any post I make a disruption, that's
your problem Rob.  Maybe it's more important for you to be right about
me "being off topic," than it is to see a varied group of people
benefitting from plug.  Just something to think about.

You're telling me that my post about VoIP was off topic?  Were all of
the posts about Mac security or insecurity off topic?  Your just plain
wrong Rob.  I want to discuss if the administrator should be sending 
out the problem is that this message appears to come from you bounces.
I consider that extremely inflammatory and rude.  Especially when the
messages you're trying to post are asking about the problems the
administrator claims you have in the correct forum.

     --  Michael Robinson

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