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GLL guy1656 at ados.com
Wed Jul 7 09:47:03 PDT 2004

: On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, GLL wrote:
: > Agreed. If PERSONAL productivity is [net personal gain] over [effort
: > expended,] 

: Sure, if PERSONAL productivity is defined as the above purely selfish
: standard and is the only measure of value, then the most selfish, insular
: kind of behavior would be best.
: Fortunately, that's not the case.

Nowhere did I say that optimizing employer/employee, money-in/taxes-out 
equations represented the whole of one's value or existence. I did advance it 
as a strategem for getting the most out of the State, as a 'strike' scenario 
if personal ingenuity above and beyond the mundane were not rewarded with an 
opportunity for wealth of the same degree above and beyond the mundane. If 
that is the case, then the best thing to do is (within the law) to collapse 
that State - much like stopping a Ponzi scheme earliest wreaks the least 
havoc on its participants, especially unwilling participants such as the 
Social Security pyramid scheme - and to collapse it by being a net draw 
rather than a net robbery victim.

: If it's the case with YOU, well, I pity your lovers (should you find any).

I'm doing VERY well in that department, thank you.


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