[PLUG-TALK] Re: [PLUG] upgrading disk without reinstalling anything

Jeme A Brelin jeme at brelin.net
Mon Mar 29 16:20:44 PST 2004

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Russ Johnson wrote:
> Jeme A Brelin wrote:
> >Well, seeing that your MUA is the one that added the first set of
> >quotation indices above (the > characters closest to the text of mine
> >that you quoted), then it seems that your MUA also did NOT reformat the
> >text.
> >
> It did what it should do. In the case you site, it didn't reformat the
> short lines.

Excuse me?  You just said that your MUA DOES reformat paragraphs to fit
your screen!

All I did was set the linewrap on that message to be quite short.

> In the case of long lines, it should reformat to fit my screen.

I don't know of any MUA that doesn't wrap long lines that are breakable
(i.e., contain word delimiters).  That's not the problem.

As I wrote in my first reply, you don't understand the problem.

> In your example earlier, you had to purposefully insert line feeds where
> they didn't belong to get the results you wanted. And yes, it showed up
> here long line, short line, long line...

I didn't hit return at the end of the long lines!  I only hit return at
the end of the short lines... the return at the end of the long lines was
added by my MUA as part of the linewrap settings.  I was showing how a
message displays when the viewing MUA uses shorter lines than the sending
MUA.  Narrow your window here and see if you don't get similar behavior.

> However, I don't (and I suspect not many other folks do either) hit
> return at the end of a line on my screen. My MUA automatically moves my
> cursor, and doesn't put a line feed there either. If some MUA does, then
> that's broken too.

Actually, yes... your MUA DOES put linefeeds at the end of the wrapped
lines.  When an MUA doesn't, I get it all on one line when I quote the
material, but with yours, the automatic quoting is exactly what you see
above.  There are linefeeds in your message that you didn't explicitly
add.  That is the default setting with nearly every MUA.

Does that mean your MUA is broken?

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    jeme at brelin.net
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