[PLUG-TALK] Any lispers out there? Newbie needs booster shot

Renegade Penguin renegadepenguin at comcast.net
Sun Aug 21 19:21:01 PDT 2005

Hi Brent,

No, actually he said that I'd said Lisp was ONLY an academic language, 
but I said it was MORE of an academic language.  He totally ignored 
that, harped on some other issue, and showed circular reasoning.  He's 
gotten in a lot of trouble for being contrary (trolling and flaming) and 
that's only the time I've been here - a couple months.

Then he posts the MANUFACTURERS comments, not anything like independent 

I have a very thick skin, but little tolerance for stupidity.  Ignorance 
can be educated, but stupidty has no remedy.  Therefore I won't be privy 
to Russell's diatribes.

Also note that I said I am glad Carlos (and others) like Lisp - they can 
like it, but I offered my opinion about why Lisp doesn't succeed in 
major commercial ways.

And note that without Russell's input, things are actually fairly 
flame-free around here.  I responded to you no problem, as you seemed 
quite civil.


Brent Rieck wrote:

>Renegade Penguin wrote:
>>You are an idiot.  You twist my words and then act like you're the
>>authority, without any grounds.  I'll respond to others' comments as
>>they actually make sense.
>>Mail from seniorr at aracnet.com >> /dev/null  from now on.
>Wow, you've got some pretty thin skin "renegade penguin".  You might
>consider growing a thicker one if you want to engage in more of these
>kinds of discussions.
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