[PLUG-TALK] Any lispers out there? Newbie needs booster shot

Russell Senior seniorr at aracnet.com
Sun Aug 21 21:24:55 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Jeme" == Jeme A Brelin <jeme at brelin.net> writes:

RP> Then he posts the MANUFACTURERS comments, not anything like
RP> independent reviews.

Jeme> Um, he wasn't giving a "review", he was listing off features of
Jeme> the LISP specification.

Jeme> In fact, the only sentence in the quoted material that isn't a
Jeme> simple FACT (that I could find), is this one:

Jeme> "Its ability to tackle the biggest problems is unmatched."

Jeme> There was another statement about a feature being "elegant and
Jeme> powerful", which are subjective terms, but I don't think they
Jeme> were used in an insupportable way.

As a matter of fact, because I was too lazy to try to construct my own
list of features for memory, I just googled: "Common Lisp" and
features, and that was the first fairly succinct list I found.  If
someone seriously wanted to criticize the list, a better method would
probably be to attack the claims with counter-examples.  

Had RP read to the bottom of the message he also would have seen my
own list of "anti-features", places where Common Lisp has some
practical disadvantages.

I apologize in advance, Jeme, for twisting your words by my partial

Jeme> Uh huh.  That might be just fine if Russell were a stupid man,
Jeme> but he just ain't.  

162, baby!  162!  ;-)

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