[PLUG-TALK] Big Old Printer

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Sun Jan 2 21:00:00 PST 2005

I have a QMS PS2000 laser printer:
  Postscript / Duplexing / B-Size / 16ppm? / 300dpi / 10baseT
  Parallel / Appletalk / Hard disk for spooling / 1000 sheet feeder
  two large input trays / two large output trays.

This is basically a small-office-scale unit.
I haven't had much use for it lately - it used to be good for printing
1000 page manuals, but I don't do much of that anymore.  I want to give
it away for free to a good home - you pick up (and you will need two
strong people and a pickup truck - it is big ( 2ft x 3ft x 4.5ft high?).

But wait - there's more.  I have a heap of supplies - toner, cleaning
kits, etc.  I also have another printer which uses the same engine,  
good for parts,  in my storage locker.

Downside - the printer needs a good roller cleaning - it tends to slip
and jam.  Somebody who likes fiddling around inside mechanical systems
will have a good time. 

Anybody interested?


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