[PLUG-TALK] Inexpensive UPS at Compusa

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Sat Nov 25 22:32:57 PST 2006


Unfortunately, the three-day Compusa sale ended before I got a chance
to test the UPS I purchased today, but they may have more sales in
the future.  

I bought an APC BE350R 350VA 200W UPS for $30, with a $10 rebate.  It
isn't big - just enough power to ride through a 2 minute brownout then
2 minutes of shutdown time on my server - but that gets me through
most power transients.  While Linux support is not mentioned on the
box or CD or website, it works with acpupsd through the USB cable.
The replacement batteries are $18 locally (Batteries Plus), and it
allegedly will light up a status light when the battery wears out. 
One reason to purchase a "cheap" unit is so that when the inevitable 
battery wearout occurs, I won't pay through the nose for replacements
(like I do with my older UPS).

So for an adequate, cheap UPS it is a lot better than nothing.  If
it poops out too soon, I will let the list know.

The units are $40 now, but they may be $20 again someday, so it is
worth watching for.


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