[PLUG-TALK] Looking for IC layout and software volunteer

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Wed Sep 27 09:22:43 PDT 2006

I am working on an interesting opportunity.  The principals aren't
ready to announce yet, so I can't broadcast the details, but the
project involves the open sourcing of a well known IC layout program.

The project needs an experienced person with lots of IC layout 
experience and some programming experience, or lots of programming
and some layout.  This would be a part time, voluntary thing for now,
though there is likely to be some consulting opportunities arising 
from it.  There will be other volunteers, some professors and students,
and participants from around the world to help make it go, but it needs
some adult supervision.  I would do it myself, but I have a full plate
right now.

So if you know of someone who has recently retired from Maxim or Tek
or Intel or Lattice or LSI Logic or Mentor or ... who might be cajoled
into participating in a part time community project, working with local
students and lots of people around the globe, please pass this along or 
introduce me.  

I can pass along a lot more information to interested parties; this
isn't top secret as much as it is still in the "decide-if" stage.


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