[PLUG-TALK] Firefox 3 easter egg

Jeme A Brelin jeme at brelin.net
Thu Jun 19 18:14:13 PDT 2008

On Thu, 19 Jun 2008, Alan wrote:
> Type "about:robots" into the url on Firefox 3.
> Yet another Firefox easter egg.

OK, so I knew the title reference (and its 1990s re-referent) and I get 
the references in 1*, 3**, and 4***.  But what is 2 all about?


* The 1st Law of Robotics from Isaac Asimov's robot stories.
** The definition of "robot" given by the marketting division of the 
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation in the Hithchiker's Guide To The Galaxy 
books by Douglas Adams.
*** An inversion of the battle-cry of Bender Bending Rodriguez in 

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