[PLUG-TALK] Anyone here work for ODS?

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Thu Oct 30 23:10:56 PDT 2008

This is way off topic, but ...

I seem to recall one of the PLUG folk works for ODS insurance.  I
have a problem - I'm not getting bills, only late notices.  The
witless phone droid insists that the bills are going out, but after
the fourth missing quarterly bill I doubt it.  I sometimes lose
bills, but not four in a row from only one place.  I've seen all
the late notices and all the statements for my wife's services.
I imagine this does no good for my credit rating.

Since most of ODS's clients are employees on their employers
group plan, and I am self-employed in a group of 2, I suspect
that my bills are being routed by some buggy code to my "employer",
AKA /dev/null.  Hard to tell from out here - ODS is opaque.  

I would rather talk to one of the programmers and fix this, before
I escalate this up to letters to the CEO, the board directors, their
spouses, and the administrators of the state insurance division.
It's amazing the amount of ruckus one can create with 50 letters
on letterhead, and it only takes a couple of hours of googling
for names and addresses, and a couple of DVDs worth of stamps,
to create the corporate equivalent of kicking an anthill.  

Still, if this is a software bug that one of my friends can find and
fix, and perhaps can get kudos for solving, that is better than going
nuclear on the company.


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