[PLUG-TALK] External Cell Phone Antennas

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at comcast.net
Sat Apr 25 17:49:52 PDT 2009

Is anyone using an external antenna for their cell phone while at home? 
We get mostly-acceptable reception out here. My phone seems to work 
better than my wife's, but my office is on the second floor and hers is 
on the first floor. We are just over the crest of a hill that is between 
us and the nearest cell tower, so I'm wondering if there's an antenna I 
can put on her window sill that will improve her reception. I've heard 
about systems that one mounts in the attic, or perhaps on the roof. I'd 
like a simpler solution, if possible.

Googling turns up a lot of things. One that looks interesting (read: 
simple) is here:


Pretty cheap. But, based on the maxim that one gets what one pays for, 
I'd like to hear if it's any good, from anyone using something similar.


Dick Steffens

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