[PLUG-TALK] Paper donation to Free Geek?

Tony Rick tonyr42 at gmail.com
Wed May 13 17:07:41 PDT 2009

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Richard C. Steffens <rsteff at comcast.net>wrote:

> I'm planning to take my old Epson MX-100 wide carriage dot-matrix
> printer to Free Geek in the near future. I've got a stack of green bar
> paper to go with it. I tried using their web site's e-mail form to ask
> them if it is something they can use, but there appears to be something
> broken with the page. I carefully enter the code they ask for, but it is
> always rejected. I tried calling, but the phone goes to an answering
> system. Being a patient fellow up to a point, I decided I'd ask here if
> anyone connected with Free Geek knows if a stack of green bar paper and
> the wire basket it is fed from are things they can use. If not, I'll
> just recycle them.

Free Geek hasn't taken dot matrix printers or related accessories for a long
time.  Go ahead and recycle 'em.

- tony
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